iNventory is a stock count app  by kutech company 

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iNventory361 is a process of counting inventory application that allows you to browse and archive without easily. It helps you to continuously detect the cause of errors and correct them. All inventory data will be sent back by email as an attachment with just a click.

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Country for Sale:
‧China, France, Canada, UK, USA, Argentina, Australia, Lebanon, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Colombia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Russia, Italy, India, Mexico, Philipines, Honduras.

‧System develop based on iOS6
‧Great user-interface
‧Scan directly to barcode for stock item
‧Shorten stock taking process
‧To record your CODENO, LOCATION, LOT, LOT2, ORIG, QTY information.
‧Data transmission with e-mail
‧Export a TEXT file of your inventory data.
‧Export a CSV file of your inventory data
‧Export a XML file of your inventory data
‧Inventory data maintenance: addition and deletion of inventory data are available.
‧iPad connect to barcode scanner with bluetooth interface
‧Recommend model(HID) : Bluetooth barcode scanner 1660, ST-10BT.
YouTube : ST-10BT Barcode Scanner advertisement.


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