iWSC361 is a inventory app       by kutech company

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The software can have inexhaustible innovation and creation; therefore, it’s enchanting. The recent technology develops in order to meet the user’s needs. The renovation of the consumer software is one good example. The software iWSC361 broke new ground in the realm of inventory control system. KUO YUE would like to introduce the stock count solutions in iPad. The solution integrates iPad and Bluetooth barcode scanner. To record an inventory transaction, the system uses a bluetooth barcode scanner to collect stock items from the operators via iPad. KUO YUE always persists in giving consideration to both technology innovation and quality.

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‧System develop based on iOS7 or later
‧Fast & easy to setup IWSC360 software
‧Scan directly to barcode for stock item
‧Shorten stock taking process
‧Data transmission with e-mail
‧Export a text file of your stock count data if you need a delimited text file to load into another program.
‧Export as CSV file
‧iPad connect to barcode scanner with bluetooth interface
‧Recommend model(HID) : Bluetooth barcode scanner.
‧Stock count data maintenance: addition and deletion of stock count data are available
‧You could also use the SUM function to return the name of the pno and the total quantitys (in the associated pno).


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