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iCustInfo361 is a quintessential software application that provides quick and easy collect of exhibition complete customer data. Customer data put away the iPad where they couldn’t be damaged or stolen. To record your customer data from your iPad. You have to export your customer data out of iCustInfo361 into a file that the other program can read and import.

iTunes Link:
iCustInfo361 Lite v1.0.0.2

Country for Sale:
‧Status : Ready for Sale

Lite Features:
‧System develop based on iOS5
‧Great user-interface
‧Fast & easy to setup software
‧Professional data includes, name, company name, company address, phone number, country, email address, as well as questions answered on survey or registration forms.
‧Survey data includes, Agent, Application, Architect/Builder, Cell, Commercial Building Owner, Dealer/Installer, Distributor, EPC(Utility-Scale), Farmer, Home Owner, Independent Power Producer, Investor, Lighting, Media/Press, Module, Off-Grid Developer/Installer, Solution Provider (SI), Utility-Scale Project Developer, Utility.
‧Data transmission with e-mail
‧Export your customer information directly to Excel (CSV) if you’re not sure what info you need and you’d rather delete and rearrange columns in a spreadsheet program.
‧Export a text file of your customer data if you need a delimited text file to load into another program.
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