ESD650 Access Surveillance       by KUO YUE Technology Corp.

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The recent technology develops in order to meet the user’s needs. The renovation of the electronic security devices is one good example. The electronic security devices ESD650 broke new ground in the realm of ESD surveillance. KUO YUE would like to introduce the ESD solution, the united security solutions in IP-based product line that integrates access control,security and ESD testing application. KUO YUE always persists in giving consideration to both technology innovation and quality.

‧System develop based on CE 5.0
‧Fast & easy to setup ESD security station
‧System support with doors & gates control
‧Color graphics information display
‧Friendly user interface via touch screen
‧Easy programming ESD test & Swipe the card control
‧Voice Message Alerts – Admission, Entry prohibited
‧Build in backup function for test data storage
‧Minimal 5000 cards & events data storage
‧Power by UPS system keep data save
‧Display the documentation of the wrist one, left and right foot
‧Multi-language for indication and warning messages
‧Data base system based on SQL Mobile
‧SD/SDHC memory card for cards & events data storage
‧Data transmission with SOAP XML encrypted socket
‧Active real-time data transmission
‧Web service oriented architecture
‧Direct data base auto processing without any transformation
‧Error messages response function
‧Error messages enquiry by WEB or Mobile phone
‧Ease link to back office data base server with TCP/IP network interface
‧MR650 connect to CT8900 with RS-232 interface
‧Link with Oracle, SQL Data base server system

Successful Cases:
‧Taiwan's ASE
‧Taiwan's TSMC
‧Taiwan's AU


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