iGameTree is a human-machine chess app  by kutech company 

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  This is a human-machine interaction 6x6 chess board game app targeted for enthusiasts of gametree algorithm, research, and teaching. The game is played by moving the pieces in the diagonal line within the neighboring spaces or skipping spaces. The pieces are only allowed to move forward to the front left or right; backward movement is not allowed.
  Skipping spaces: When an opponents piece is occupying the diagonal spaces, the player can jump to the space in front and take the blocking piece away from the board; serial skipping is allowed. The algorithm of how the app uses gametree to determine which piece to move, where to move, and the strategies are displayed on the screen simultaneously.
  KUO YUE always persists in giving consideration to both technology innovation and quality. The software can have inexhaustible innovation and creation; therefore, it’s enchanting. The recent technology develops in order to meet the user’s needs. The renovation of the consumer software is one good example.

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‧System develop based on iOS6
‧Great user-interface
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