iDrawPhoto361 Plus is a photo drawing app  by kutech company 

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  The software can have inexhaustible innovation and creation; therefore, it’s enchanting. The iDrawPhoto361 plus is photo drawing application that that allows you to browse and archive without easily. Just choose the favorite photos, you can paint on the iPad panel easily. There are 210 brushes and pens, with lines of different thicknesses, to create your own colorful pictures. It’s easy for you to release your creativity or draw stories to express your feelings. After finishing, you can email them to your friends and relatives to share your joy and mood. iPenPhoto Plus helps you fulfill your dreams.
  KUO YUE always persists in giving consideration to both technology innovation and quality.

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‧System develop based on iOS
‧There are 210 brushes and pens.
‧You can undo and redo up to 20 actions in the software.
‧There are 24 shpaes. Shapes are very usefull decorate your pictures with nice colorful graphices or to make diagrams.
‧Shapes: arrow up, arrow down, arrow left, arrow right, airbrush, brush, curve, chat, fourstar, eightstar, ellipse, rodunded rectangle, hexagon, line, love, lightning, pentagon, rectangle, rhombus, star, triangle, trinormal and so on.
‧Drawing tools: bomb, eraser, eyedropper, fill, selection , text.
‧Picture maintenance: addition, correction, and deletion of picture are available.
‧All draws will be sent back by email, twitter or facebook as an attachment with just a click.
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